Our Best Services For Your Kids

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    Custom Food

    We have a comfortable Day care facility available till 6.00pm where children are looked after by a trained teacher who helps them with their homework. Fresh, home cooked food is served to the children, as also evening snacks and milk.

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    Many Sports

    “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”
    Keeping this in view there is a regimented timetable of Games & Sports. Apart from Fun games, students are also coached in various sports and races. The Annual Sports Day as well as National Sports Day are celebrated to teach the children not only to play but play honestly and with a sportsmanship spirit.

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    Bus Service

    Our fully air conditioned buses pick & drop children from different areas. To make travelling to and from school more safe, each bus has a fully trained Nanny as part of staff apart from the driver and conductor.

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    Music Lesson

    Music being the soul of life we at Gurukul Junior involve each child to Playway to Class V in music lesson everyday. These Lessons include various rhymes,patriotic songs Rag based music in Hindi and English language. Along with these piano lesson are also conducted.

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    “Exploring is discovering” So our young students are taken for field trips, picnics, visit to religious places.

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    The world is gradually shrinking and coming closer. In times of global exchange knowing different languages is an asset. We try to make our children multi lingual.


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“Education gives knowledge and wisdom”

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